Lets Dimsum


Old bakers never die, they just keep making lots of dough.

LET'S DIM SUM strives to take dim sum to a complete new level by providing unique offerings that come out of its own hygienic kitchen. With each bite melting in your mouth…these lip-smacking & mouth-watering dim sum will give you a complete heavenly feeling.

Our ingredient suppliers are carefully selected to provide best material without compromising on the quality. We never cut corners with anything with ‘add’, ‘preserve’ or ‘enhance’ and our chefs make dim sum with real, fresh ingredients, with steam, and that is very quick and also the tastiest & healthiest

Our baskets of steamy goodness is why our customers become friends in one moment.

Thank you for being our friend now.

We hope you can find everything you need.

From The Chef

A recipe has no soul but you as the Cook must bring soul to Recipe. I promise to make you so proud - Note To Self

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Fun Fact

"The reason why tea is served with dimsum is because Chinese believe that having tea with greasy food burns fat from your meal."